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DIB Alliance

DIB Alliance was created to join different Travel Management Companies and make business travel easier and more cost-efficient. We offer strong partnership to those who are ready for take off towards the future of digitalised travel.

There’s only one way to go

DIB Travel is leading the way towards unprecedented innovation in the world of business travel. Our state-of-the-art platform combines value andutmost convenience for both the Traveller and the Decision Maker!
DIB Travel’s innovative platform allows travellers to book their hotel, flight, car rental, train and much more all in one place. Simultaneously, the Travel Management is supported by integrated policies, reporting and analytics, security, CO2 emission reporting or Carbon footprint reporting as well as Carbon offset. But there’s no stopping here: we are committed to introducing new features and doing local adaptations so as to support our global rollout and vision to transform business travel through digitalisation.

What do you get


All-in-one platform

By joining the DIB side, your customers will gain access to our innovative yet intuitive, easy to use platform. This means all-in-one booking, as well as integrated travel policies, analytics and reporting at the fingertips of our clients.

Unique content with direct connections in addition to traditional GDS’s

Direct access to unique hotel content with Booking, Expedia and many more, together with airlines including LCC, rail and car rental!

Negotiation power

Within DIB Alliance, all TMC’s benefit directly from the collective purchasing power the Alliance has. This also gives TMC’s access to more competitive supplier agreements and better rates and offers.

Tailor-made program according to your needs

DIB Alliance believes that partnership comes in all shapes and sizes! Whether you’re going all-in or would like to have only some of these benefits – let us know!

How to Become a Partner

Book a meeting now with Tarja Widell, our Chief Commercial Officer and join the DIB side!

Our Partners and Resellers

DIB Alliance already incorporates more than 10+ TMC’s across Europe with a turnover above 3 million EUR.
DIB Alliance

About us

DIB Travel has created an alliance for all Travel Management Companies (TMC’s) that are ready to be the first to take a crucial step towards modernized travel.
DIB Alliance was founded in early 2020 as a response to the trend of digitalization that was pushed even further by the pandemic. Our aim is to revolutionise travel through unity and the support of digitalization.